All about the first 🥇  psilocybin service center

Notice: I have no affiliation with Epic Healing Service Center or any other service centers at this time

The first service center is licensed in Oregon!

Today, Cinco de Mayo 2023, the first psilocybin service center in the world received its license from the Oregon Health Authority: Epic Healing in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I am going to detail what we know so far about this service center in plain and hopefully neutral language (I’ll do my best!)

Who provides the service?

The team is led by masters level trained psychotherapists, has 2 nurses on staff, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner for medical consultation available. The psychotherapists have training and experience in psychedelics at the Integrative Psychedelic Institute, a reputable training institute.

How are services delivered?

The format of services are comparable to those in psilocybin randomized controlled trials thus far though has about half the total therapy time delivered per individual compared to clinical trials. Clinical trials typically involve several hours of prep sessions and at least 2 hours of integration, usually more. This service center would provide: 1 to 3x 60min prep sessions, 1 dosing session, 1 integration session with the option for additional for $150. Below I’ve placed a summary I’ve made of psilocybin clinical trial structure. Note that psilocybe cubensis fungal fruiting bodies, which are the only mushroom species permitted in service centers, contain approximately 1% psilocybin, therefore 25mg of synthetic psilocybin would be comparable to 2.5g of dried mushroom one may receive in a service center.

What about cost?

This is the biggest issue thus far and is unlikely to change until the psilocybin becomes a part of managed care and is covered by insurance. The typical dose used in clinical trials would be considered a high dose by the Oregon Health Authority (though most would agree a high dose would be 5g or more). For a full service that best emulates the outcomes for clinical trials on psilocybin to treat depression, for example, this would cost $3,500. Below I’ve placed the costs.

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