How to find a psilocybin trial

For those who are seeking to participate in a clinical trial involving psilocybin, I will be outlining below how to easily identify and reach out to potential clinical trials. This article should prove useful to patients and professionals who are looking to refer their patients to an appropriate study.

STEP 1: Get to

This is the splash page you’ll want to see before getting started

STEP 2: Build an Advanced Search

From here build your search. I’ve provided the most common example of search terms. You can do the same for MDMA or ibogaine or any other psychedelic study you’re seeking. There’s no need to fill out the Additional Criteria section.

STEP 3: Review the resulted trials

Because I am in Portland, I see that the closest trial to me is Dr. Stauffer’s trial! Let’s click on the link and see where it goes.

STEP 4: Let’s read the study aims and if we’re eligible for the trial

STEP 5: if I’m eligible, then let’s contact the project manager or contact person for the study

STEP 6: send a brief polite email under a paragraph that includes your name, why you meet inclusion criteria, and how you can get enrolled.

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